Betty Booty & Donny Dimples go clothes shopping at Build-a-Bear Workshop


This place has everything OUR SIZE!!!!!  It was great.  We got to play a little dress up in some of our favorite looks like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, naked skater dude & dudette and some wonderful wings . . . “I am Batman!” (you should have read that George Clooney style).


We even took to racing cars.  Betty might be in the lead now but I am going to win . . . why . . . because . . .”I am Batman!” (That one should have been read Will Arnett Lego Batman style).


When you are naked gnomes you have to drive in a straight line unfortunately.  Not a lot of arm movement to be able to use a steering wheel.

Click here to check out Build-a-Bear and find the one nearest you

See you on our next adventure,

Betty Booty & Donny Dimples

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