Betty Booty & Donny Dimples shops for Costumes at Frankel’s Costume Company

Man did we have a great time Saturday.  We headed to downtown Houston to have a little Mexican food but before we ate we decided it was time to start preparing for Halloween so we stopped at our favorite costume store, Frankel’s Costume Company.  Have you been there before?  We have been going there for years.  Every time we need a costume they either have it or know how to make it.   They even rolled out the red carpet for us.


I’m so excited this year because while we were there trying on costumes, Betty tried on this cute little number . . .


I was going to hunt her down like the cute little filly she is so I had to put on my ten gallon hat . . .


Then all of a sudden we hear this really heavy breathing followed by “Betty & Donny . . . I am your father!”


For those super, uber Star Wars fans like our friend Cyndi,  the Owner of Frankel’s was telling us how cool this Darth Vader mask is.  It is an original production . . . like from the 1970’s when the original Star Wars movie came out.  The just got it in and said it was a great find for them!!!

Of course not to be outshined we found a really tall Yoda.  I know, I know you are saying to yourself right now that Yoda isn’t tall . . . well you try being 18 inches tall and then you tell me he is short!


Our last stop was the disco section.  Look at that guy showing off.  We saw him dancing earlier.  If I could just lift my hand up to point to the corner of the room I could dance just like him.  I mean look at Betty . . . she is totally swooning over that guy!


Well we just had a blast at Frankel’s.  When it is time for you to look for your next costume, whether it is for Halloween, The Renaissance Festival, Dickens on the Strand, Mardi Gras or any other time you just want to dress up this is the place to go.  Morty Frankel original opened the doors to “Morty’s Magic Mart” in 1950 as a magic store.  They have just grown and grown from there.  You can get magic supplies, costumes, stage makeup and ventriloquist dummies and so much more there.  They even rent costumes!

Click here to check out Frankel’s Costume Company’s website!


See you on our next adventure,

Betty Booty & Donny Dimples

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