Betty Booty & Donny Dimples visit The Historic Strand in Galveston, TX


So I took Betty down to the Strand District in Galveston while Greg and Thomas are working on the BBQ.  I loved playing a game of chess at Saengerfest Park.  These chess piece are LIFESIZE!!  I mean I am a tall guy.  I’m about 14 inches.  Betty is about the same (that is why I won’t let her wear high heels – I don’t want her to tower over me.)  We had so much fun playing chess we kind of felt like that scene in Harry Potter where they are playing chess with the life size pieces.  Thank goodness ours didn’t come to life to try and chop off our heads.

Click here to check out Saengerfest Park


After that strenuous game of chess I decided that we needed to cool off a little so we went over to La King’s Confectionery.  La Kings is this great soda fountain / ice cream parlor / candy shop and taffy maker that dates back to the 1920’s.  Betty and I shared a shake and then picked up a few sweet treats to take back to the BBQ with us. 06/16/2016


Click here to check out La King’s Confectionery


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