Betty Booty & Donny Dimples visit The Last Concert Cafe

After costume shopping at Frankel’s Costume Company it was time for dinner so we headed over to the Last Concert Café located in the Downtown Warehouse district.


Love, Love, Love their salsa (well and the margaritas).  Although we were here for a mid-day meal, if you check out their calendar of events you will see that each week they have great live music out on their spectacular patio.

One of the most intriguing things about the Last Concert Café is it’s locked red door.  For those of you that are regulars like us, you know that there are varied stories of its origin.  There is the story of the building originally being a brothel and to gain entrance you had to knock two times.  One was “to safeguard philandering husbands from surprise visits by their wives or to hide some of the customer’s activities from the law” [Last’s Concert Cafe’s website quote].  The tradition has been upheld and to gain entrance into the restaurant you must knock twice on the red door.  A waiter or a customer standing nearby will let you in.  The only problem in our case is trying to knock on the door since I seem to have a problem raising these darn arms!


Click here to check out The Last Concert Cafe’s Website and see a calendar of events!


See you on our next adventure,

Betty Booty & Donny Dimples

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