Donny & Betty Visit Crockett, Texas

Hello everyone.  It’s Donny Dimples again.   Betty Booty and I went out of town this past weekend again.  You know how we love to travel and there is no better place to explore than the great state of Texas.  This time we ventured off to Crockett, TX.

In case you aren’t familiar with Crockett, let me tell you a little about the place we enjoyed so much.  I’m sure you “Remember the Alamo” whether you are from Texas or not.  I mean Phil Collins DEFINITELY “Remembers the Alamo” all the way over in Geneva, Switzerland.  His personal collection of Texas Revolution artifacts, which greatly focus on the Alamo itself, is the largest personal collection in the world and he donated it to The Alamo to share with everyone.  That’s why the state legislature named him an “Honorary Texan” in March 2015.  His passion for the Alamo and it’s history all started by watching the Walt Disney series “Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier”.

I have to say, that Fess Parker does make a fine Davy Crockett!!!!!

Dang it Betty, give me that keyboard back.  Sorry folks, Betty has always been a little taken with Fess Parker.

Anyway, I will tell you more about Phil Collin’s donation to the Alamo in a couple of weeks when we take a trip to San Antonio, TX. But it does bring us back to Phil Collins (Yes . . . Phil Collins of Genesis and such songs as, “In the Air Tonight”, “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”, and “Easy Lover”).

Click here for Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Best Phil Collins Songs complete with music videos

So . . . Crockett, Texas got it’s name from THE Davy Crockett himself.

S.S. Osgood’s 1831 oil painting courtesy of the Library of Congress

Davy camped out in the area on his way from Tennessee to San Antonio where he was headed to the Alamo.


Map Courtesy of True West Magazine’s article “Happy 225th Birthday, Davy Crockett!”

The land was donated by a family from Tennessee and it was named after Crockett and so it began.  Crockett was incorporated in 1837, making it the fifth oldest city and the county seat of Houston County which happens to be the oldest county in Texas.

lake & loop

Interesting facts you should know –

One of the first loop roads in the nation was built around the City of Crockett.  In fact, Loop 304 was built before the loops in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

Click here to view videos showcasing the City of Crockett

We spent our time out on Houston County Lake just 10 miles northwest of Crockett.  The lake spans 1,330 acres and is up to 40 feet deep.  It is famous for some Big Mouth Bass records so if you are a fisherman, this is the place to be.  Since I cannot move my hands, I don’t catch too many fish!  But I did catch this Babe!

Isn’t the lake beautiful!!!  It is great for boating, skiing, jet skiing, pulling tubes behind your boat . . . you name it.  Well all that is good for some PEOPLE but not us.  I mean we are breakable.  Geez Louise!

Next we enjoyed the gardens because that day was World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD)!!!!!

World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD)[1] is an annual international event celebrated on the first Saturday of May[2][3] by gardeners and non-gardeners alike.[4] According to NBC’s Today News, WNGD “has become an annual tradition that celebrates weeding, planting flowers and trimming hedges in the buff. While it’s linked to a movement of nudists who promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body, the day is meant to be funny, lighthearted and non-political, founders say.”[5]

– Wikipedia


Look at that beautiful daylily.

What lake house weekend isn’t complete without a beautiful cottage to enjoy.


We were enjoying the lake a little too much because Betty Booty told me we had to earn our keep, so we went out to the neighboring city of Arbor, TX.

Here we jumped on the tractor to take care of the fields.   Man that is hard work!


Arbor is just on the edge of the Davy Crockett National Forest.

crockett national forest

The Davy Crockett National Forest, named for the legendary pioneer, contains more than 160,000 acres of East Texas woodlands, streams, recreation areas, and wildlife habitat. Located in Houston and Trinity Counties, the forest is centrally located within the Neches and Trinity River basins. The Davy Crockett National Forest was proclaimed a National Forest by President Franklin Roosevelt on October 15, 1936.

Click here to read more about the Davy Crockett National Forest on the USDA website

Afterwards we had a little rest before heading back to the cabin.


The next day we decided to head into town.  There is nothing better than an old town square.


The first thing we toured was the Houston County Courthouse.  The courthouse was built in 1939.  Isn’t it a impressive!

Houston County Courthouse as it appeared in 1939
Photo courtesy TXDoT
Click here to visit for more information on the Houston County Courthouse
The town square has charming shops and restaurants.


I hear you can get a great hair cut at the Barber Shop



We even got to listen to some great music over the speakers of the town square from their very own radio station.  Click here to check out KIVY


The DJ’s work in the booth right in the window.

After all that excitement it was time to head back to the lake house for our last few hours of relaxation but unfortunately . . . we eventually had to go home.


Back to our daily grind we went.   But don’t fret . . . we are going to learn more about Davy Crockett soon in our next trip to San Antonio!  Stay tuned . . .


Donny Dimples


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