Everyone meet Betty Booty and Donny Dimples our pair of naked gnomes.  They were born in the small town of Crystal Beach in Texas.  Whereas most people are born in a hospital, our lovely couple of gnomes were born in the Ace Hardware store known as “Gulf Coast Market – The Big Store”.  If you haven’t been to this store before, let me tell you . . . it is HUGE!  It is a grocery store / Ace Hardware / souvenir store / beach supply store / / /

Our good friend Thomas Peoples went for his very first visit to “The Big Store” with Greg to pick up some more beer for the beach house (you never want to run out of beer).  When they came back Thomas had a HANDFULL of stuff and Greg had a pair of naked gnomes.  Decisions had to be made.  Would the McGowens take home the female and the Peoples take home the male?  Would one couple take home both gnomes and let them periodically visit the other house.  Finally it was decided that they couldn’t break-up the happy couple so a second trip was made to “The Big Store” to pick up another pair of naked gnomes.

So, Thomas & Jaime Peoples own a pair and so do we.  As much as we love to travel, so do our gnomes.  So, we have started their adventures with “Naked Gnomes on the Road”.  Please join us while our lovely couple takes in the sites and adventures that await them. 05/29/2016

Click here to check out The Big Store